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An introduction

I started this blog so I can practice writing and because I need an outlet for the moral outrage I experience every day while studying health policy. I’m an MPH student, with a mission to fix healthcare. It’s a modest goal. Because grad school involves a lot of writing (I was warned, but wow it’s a lot of writing) I thought it could only help if I had a writing project on the side.

I don’t shy away from politics, but I do try to keep an open mind and listen to other points of view. I think we can provide health care to more people in the U.S.; we just need a plan. I’m here to help. Health care in America is incredibly complex, and we have only just begun to address the problem. I thought I knew how bad it was; then I took my first health policy class. It’s so much worse than I thought. Part of my goal here is to explain the issues. There’s a lot of misinformation floating around, and most of the criticism I hear about healthcare reform is factually inaccurate. I’ll do my best to clear things up and also do some myth-busting.

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